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harbor freight franchise for sale
The Harbor freight franchise is a company that has numerous stores across the United States region and they mainly deal with selling tools in retail at discounted prices to the consumers. This is a company that was founded by Alan Smidt in the year 1968 and it mainly dealt with delivering catalogs through mail orders. This aspect of the company is still existent at the present moment. The company also has a website which comes in handy to the people who prefer placing orders for the tools that they want to purchase without much hassle. In addition to this, orders can also be placed through the mail order catalog as well. The Harbor freight franchise is a company that operates in two countries with China being the second one. Besides, they also own a blog site which has all the relevant information that the customers, franchisees, investors, etc need apart from the main website.

About harbor freight franchise for sale

When the business was launched a couple of decades ago in Los Angeles, Alan Smidt was selling freight goods that were damaged after purchasing them at a cheaper price of course. At this time, the business was run from Alan’s garage and he sold these goods from the back of his truck. After a while, the Harbor freight franchise expanded and Alan recruited a team of salesmen whose job description entailed communicating on the telephone in order to help the company grow. The name of the company came about as a result of selling the goods that were damaged during the shipping process. As time went by, this company expanded and became a mail order that even acquired another company that was dealing with the same by the name US General.

The Harbor freight franchise used TV commercials that were mostly aired during the night in the 1980’s which enabled it to grow its consumer base to more than 10 million worldwide. At the present moment, this franchise boasts of more than 33 stores which are located in 44 different states across the United States. From the products that the franchises normally sell, approx 80-90% of them are produced by manufacturers who are in Asia. The most interesting thing about this company is that it normally offers a warranty of a lifetime for hand tools and this is regardless of the presence of a receipt as is the case with most other companies that usually deal with the same.



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